Six Day


Fast bikes, loud music and drinks combine perfectly to create an exciting party atmosphere at the ultimate sporting event, where there is never a moment’s rest.

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The ultimate showcase of track cycling!

“Six Day Cycling epitomizes the world of sports entertainment through its unique blend of bikes beats and beers. It is the ultimate showcase of track cycling!”

- Matt Rotherham

The dream for track cyclists

"Racing my bike in front of thousands of people, on some of the best velodromes in the world - the international Six Day circuit is the dream for track cyclists."

- Stephen Hall

The Six Day races are a species of their own.

"Think world-class bike racing, music that makes you want to throw down on the dance floor, and all of it is being powered by the most electrifying crowd of spectators you've ever seen."

- Maggie Coles-Lyster

It’s unlike anything else

"When the crowd is having such a blast, that atmosphere helps us riders hit another level; it’s unlike anything else."

- Zac Williams

"It’s a fantastic event for the crowd and the atmosphere is always amazing in the velodrome."

- Mark Cavendish