Six Day Virtual Series 2 – Elite Women Day 2

27th March 2021

Day 2 began with Danish rider Amalie Winther Olsen out in front. However, coming into the Points Race, former World Champion Jarmila Machačová was also looking to stamp her authority on the competition.

Read the race report below or watch the video to catch up on the day’s action!

Points Race

Tamara Dronova came through the middle of the pack ahead of the red jersey of Zoe Backstedt to clinch the first points of the race. Amalie Winther Olsen responded by winning the second sprint comfortably, ensuring that she kept herself in contention at the top. An incredibly close finish for the remaining points saw Dronova take second, Backstedt in third and Holl grab the last point on offer.

A brilliantly timed attack from young Welsh rider Backstedt secured her five points on the third sprint. Backstedt came over the top just at the last second to steal the win away from Winther Olsen. That win brought Backstedt up to first place, tied on 10 points with Winther Olsen at the halfway point.

Dronova secured her second sprint win propelling herself over Winther Olsen to temporarily take first place on 14 points. The Russian attacked early from the bell and swept past her rivals leaving them fighting for the remaining points. 

Yet to take a sprint, Jenny Holl took the opportunity to show her strength. The British rider powered ahead of Winther Olsen and Dronova and secured some much-needed points. Holl moved up to fourth place but it was once again tied at the top of the table between Dronova and Winther Olsen coming into the final sprint.

German rider Jenny Hofmann lost a lap on the rest of the field but re-joined in time for the final sprint where double points were available. An extremely tight finish saw Amalie Winther Olsen scrape into first place followed closely by Backstedt, Holl and Dronova.

With that final sprint win, the 10 points lifted Winter Olsen over second-placed Backstedt and Dronova in third.

Scratch Race

After the energy-sapping Points Race, the women appeared to be saving their legs. Ridden as a close bunch, the riders slowly built up to the final lap with little activity occuring in the previous nine.

However, as soon as the bell rang Dronova exploded into the lap with a huge injection of pace. The Russian streaked away from the field catching them unaware. It was a lead that proved unassailable as the Moscow-native took a convincing win and the full 10 points. 

Winther Olsen managed to take second place and Jenny Hofmann sealed an impressive third place – a much improved performance for the German. 

At the end of Day 2, Amalie Winther Olsen is sitting pretty 10 points ahead of the field. Can anyone mount a challenge on the last day?