Six Day Virtual Series 2 – Elite Women Day 1

26th March 2021

The first day of the Women’s competition got off to a flying start with all the riders pushing through the pain to earn themselves classification points.

Click on the video below to watch the race footage from Day 1!

Elimination Race

Slow to get to get going, the first rider eliminated was former World Champion Jarmila Machačová. The experienced Czech was unable to beat Brit Jenny Holll to the line. Next to fall was Jenny Hofmann. Missing out by half a bike length, Hofmann could not close the gap to her nearest rival and exited the race. With podium places up for grabs, the race noticeably increased in pace as the riders hit the elimination lap. Crossing the line at the back of the pack 27-year old Russian, Tamara Dronova, was eliminated into fourth. Dronova left herself with far too much to do too close to the line.

Zoe Backstedt settled for third as Holl managed to surge past her. The young Welsh rider faded in the last half of the lap allowing Holl to pass her unchallenged. It was a simple drag race to the line for the final lap. Winther Olsen, not prepared to chance an attack from Holl, pushed out early and showed impressive strength to open up a sizeable gap to take the first race of the competition. 

Winther Olsen was pleased with her win. The Dane commented, ‘there’s a lot of strong riders in this series but getting away with a win in the opening race is just amazing!’

Scratch Race

Riding together for the majority of the ten lap race, the bunch were not willing to let any rider launch an attack. The pain started to show with 500m to go as all the riders dug in ready for the manic dash for the line. Hitting the bell lap, it was German Jenny Hofmann that led the group in the black jersey. However, a big injection of pace saw her quickly start to falter and three contenders emerge. Battling for the line, Dronova, Backstedt and Winther Olsen went deep into the red to boost their chances of victory. 

As before, it was the strong legs of Winther Olsen that prevailed. The Dane crossed the whitewash fractionally in front of Dronova and Backstedt in third. The effort mustered for the win was evident as all the riders sat gasping for air on their home trainers. 

With the Dane’s two wins on the opening day, Winther Olsen sits comfortably out front in the Day 1 GC.