Six Day Virtual Series Elite Women – Day 1

30th April 2021

Heading into the first race, previous champion Amalie Winther Olsen was looking to make a positive start. In order to defend her title, the Dane would need to hold off attacks from a strong group of riders all looking to knock Winther Olsen off the top spot.

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Elimination Race

Starting the day with a test of strength and timing, the Women took on the Elimination Race. Jenny Holl fell off the back of on lap 2 and was unable to make up the metres. The usually-consistent Scot was the first to be eliminated from the race, relegating her to last place. The fight for fifth remained tight until 50m from the line when Slovakian rider Tereza Medved’ová suffered from the increased pace and dropped off as the pack sped away. The Slovakian’s first race in the virtual world ended with 2 points allocated to her tally. 

Britain’s Zoe Backstedt was eliminated next. The 16-year old from Wales was beaten to the line by the black jersey of Amalie Winther Olsen. With podium places up for grabs, the virtual experience of Dronova and Winther Olsen was evident. Debutant Abbie Dentus lost out in the battle for the top two spots, unable to nip in front of Dronova to maintain her place in the race. 

The two riders came into the home straight side-by-side, yet it was the strength of the Russian that made the difference. Winther Olsen lost at her own game as Dronova came through late to take the win. An impressive victory. 

Winther Olsen commented ‘I knew who I was going to keep an eye on. All the girls were so strong and it was pretty close at every elimination. I tried really hard to concentrate and give it my very best. I didn’t get away with a win but I did everything I could, Tamara was just too strong!’

Scratch Race

With all riders in contention to take full points at the end, the race was a close-knit affair. The riders remained close together, not prepared to give any rider the opportunity to attack. Zoe Backstedt and Amalie Winther Olsen attacked with three laps to go, however, strong riding from Jenny Holl brought the bunch back together. Holl continued to come right over the top of the field down the home straight to take a brilliant win. All six riders were in contention, yet it was Holl, followed by Winther Olsen and Backstedt that took the podium places.

At the end of Day 1, it is Amalie Winther Olsen that leads by 2 points from Tamara Dronova. A great win for Jenny Holl has pushed her up to third after a disappointing 6th place in the Elimination Race.

Six Day Virtual Series – Elite Men Day 3

18th April 2021

Marc Hester entered the final day of racing with an eight point lead ahead of German rival Max Beyer. Would the Dane hold on and clinch his first Series win?

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Elimination Race

The penultimate race of the competition started fast with all the riders bunched for the sprint to the line. Polish rider, Filip Prokopyszyn was the first rider deemed to be eliminated by the judges. The young rider was just beaten to the line by last time’s winner, Max Beyer. Unable to survive for a second time, Beyer found himself off the back coming round to the second elimination lap of the race. The German exited the race in a disappointing fifth place. Next to fall and marginally missing out on a podium place was Arne Birkemose in the green jersey. The 22-year old from Denmark could not hold off the late kick from Matt Bostock.

Eliminated in the second-to-last sprint, Bostock did not have the legs to compete with Anders Fynbo and Marc Hester and had to settle for third. A battle between Danes decided the final placings. Level with half a lap to go, Hester expertly powered away from the younger Dane to seal a decisive elimination win. Hester left Fynbo with no chance to respond such was his strength.

Looking ahead to the final race, Hester commented, ‘it’s all about this last Points Race. It’s nice to go in with a lead but if the legs are not there for the last event, then the first five ones don’t really count! I will do my best and hopefully if I can get some points collected and stay safe quite early.’

Points Final

Filip Prokopyszyn responded well to a challenging first Virtual Series by taking the initial sprint of the race. Taking inspiration from Prokopyszyn, Arne Birkemose went off the front to easily grab the second sprint. Both riders added five points directly to their totals.

German Six Day regular, Max Beyer, won a well-timed dash to secure the third sprint. The black jersey bested Fynbo and Hester to keep himself in second place in the overall standings. At the other end of the table, Prokopyszyn found himself in trouble with 13 laps to go and lost a lap to the rest the field.

Fynbo showed impressive strength to pull ahead of both Bostock and Hester to take his first sprint. Fynbo was the fourth different rider to take five points in as many sprints. With just two sprints remaining, Hester had a commanding lead over the field of 22 points. However, the Dane continued his dominance by taking the penultimate sprint, coming over the top of Fynbo at the last.

As the riders entered the last lap, it was a two-horse race to take the double points on offer. Riding side-by-side into the to home straight, it looked to be Bostock that would take the ten points. However, as was consistent with previous results, Hester showed his endurance to clinch it at the death, nipping in front just in time.

On his third time of trying, Marc Hester sealed his first Six Day Virtual Series win in emphatic fashion. Powering past his rivals, Hester managed victories in five out of six races and rounding off his dominance with an excellent Points Final.

Speaking to Rebecca Charlton, Hester commented, ‘Matt, he really tried to put some attacks in and was looking for that lap I was afraid he would take. I just marked him whenever I saw him move. The last five laps he really, really went at it. I came out on the good side and I’m super happy!’

Newcomer to the virtual world Anders Fynbo who finished in second place also reflected on his first virtual competition. ‘I think, my first feeling was that it was super hard! The first race was probably the hardest one and underestimated just how hard this would get, so that was a shock to the system! Otherwise, I think I learnt the timing a bit more for every race, especially the sprints. I really tried, especially in the last race, to wait as long as possible and then really just push with what I had. It turned out quite well I think!’

The final General Classification standings!

Six Day Virtual Series – Elite Men Day 2

17th April 2021

Tied at the top, Six Day regulars Max Beyer and Marc Hester went head-to-head to assert their dominance. At the opposite end of the table, Matt Bostock needed to have a strong day’s racing to reverse a disappointing first day.

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Points Race

Determined to make amends, Bostock got off to a flying start. The Manxman took the first five points on offer from a fast-finishing Marc Hester and Max Beyer. However, in a reversal of the first sprint, Hester surged past Bostock before the line to secure himself full points and draw level with Bostock in the overall scoring.

Anders Fynbo took the third sprint. The Danish rider emerged from a four-up dash for the line to add five points his total, lifting him into 3rd place. At the halfway stage, it was Hester that led Bostock by three points.

Hester extended his lead at the top with a well-timed sprint, breezing past the field to cross the line first with 10 laps to go. The Dane would not have it all his own way. Brit, Matt Bostock snuck ahead of Hester to win the penultimate sprint, setting up a double points showdown. With just three points between them, it was still all to play for.

Taking the glory was Danish rider Anders Fynbo who streaked away to clinch all ten points. The blue jersey of Bostock crossed the line in second place securing six points and finishing on 22 points. A heroic effort however, it was not quite enough. Beating Birkemose to the line, Hester took third place and the four points required to seal the victory by just one point from Bostock.

Chatting to Rebecca Charlton, Bostock reflected, ‘that wasn’t the best start! It’s fair to say I don’t have the legs I had last time. Two last places in the first races haven’t helped me. I was really desperate to win that to be honest, I couldn’t have gone any deeper!’

Current leader, Marc Hester, also caught up with Rebecca. ‘That was a good first half of these three days but now it also starts to get tough! I’ll do my best in every event and hopefully I can use my experience from the last two rounds to finish it off this time!’

Scratch Race

With all the riders having hit the red in the previous Points Race, it was all about staying in the bunch and conserving energy. Entering the penultimate lap, the pace visibly increased. Matt Bostock was the first rider to launch an attack but took an unwanted passenger in the form of Marc Hester with him.

As the bell sounded, Max Beyer had also closed the gap to join Beyer and Hester for the sprint. Beyer passed Hester and Bostock and looked like he was going to be able to hold on for the win. However, showing excellent timing once again, it was Hester that pushed ahead of Beyer to take the win. An impressive performance from Hester and his third win of the competition so far.

A great day for Marc Hester at the end of Day 2.

Six Day Virtual Series – Elite Men Day 1

16th April 2021

Matt Bostock made his return to the virtual velodrome this weekend. Crowned champion in the previous Men’s competition, the young Brit had a target on his back heading into Day 1.

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Elimination Race

A notoriously difficult virtual event, the Pole Filip Prokopyszyn struck out early to make sure he was not the first to be eliminated in his inaugural race. At the back of the bunch, Matt Bostock got off to a disastrous start as the Brit was unable stay with the field crossing the line in 6th place.

Anders Fynbo fought to keep himself in the race, marginally scraping ahead of Arne Birkemose to relegate Six Day partner to 5th place. Next to be eliminated was Prokopyszyn. The white jersey was beaten to the line by a late surge from Fynbo, ending his race in 4th place.

With the podium places up for grabs, it was the German rider, Max Beyer, that powered ahead of the others to ensure his place in the final two. Experienced Dane, Marc Hester, then bested younger compatriot, Fynbo, in a fight for the line to challenge Beyer for the win.

Beyer surprised Hester as the black jersey kicked hard down the back straight. It looked like the Dane might have been able to claw it back coming round turn three, however it wasn’t enough. Beyer cruised to the Elimination win and took first blood in the competition.

Beyer commented, ‘it was pretty much better [sic] than the first time when we did it before a few weeks ago…it is difficult to a normal elimination race when you can see just behind you, and you see a little but earlier when someone acts.’

Scratch Race

The first of the Scratch races meant a fast and furious ten laps of the virtual track. With a few riders needing to still get to grips with the virtual platform, this was a great opportunity for them to test themselves. At the halfway stage the pace started to increase and it was Filip Prokopyszyn that dropped off the back. However, with four laps to go the 20-year old battled hard to re-join coming down to the business end of the race.

As the final bell sounded, once again, it was Bostock that appeared to struggle and had little left in the legs to mount a challenge. Five-wide coming into the final straight, it was a mad dash for the line. In a reversal of the previous result, Marc Hester took the win ahead of Beyer with third place going to Arne Birkemose.

 ‘I just try to time the sprint a little bit. On the normal velodrome, you have so many other factors to think about and here basically you only have to see where you are on the track and do a sprint to come around the other guys in the right moment. I managed to do that again so that was good!’

Here’s how the General Classification looks after Day 1!