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Six of the Best: Sprinter’s races

07 November 2017

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They were the speed kings through THE ENTIRETY of Six Day London and our sprinters provided some thrilling entertainment with a series of captivating contests.

So without further ado, we’ve picked out our six of the best sprinter races – the moments that got the Lee Valley VeloPark spectators leaping out of their seats.


1 – Juan’s the man on day one

After starring at the Six Day Series final on the home boards of Mallorca, everyone was intrigued to see what Juan Peralta would do in the English capital.

And the Spaniard certainly didn’t disappoint, with this day one sprint effort hugely impressive after holding off Ethan Mitchell in one of the tightest races in the week.

Not only that, but Peralta sailed to the top of the General Classification after this win, a sure-fire way to introduce himself to the London crowd.

2 – Nate bares all in the keirin

Nobody does entertainment quite like Nate Koch at Six Day London.

Our favourite showman on and off the track, that doesn’t mean winning is not in the psyche of this American superstar – perfectly demonstrated by this display in the keirin on day three.

Moving from sixth to second in one sweeping move on the bend, Koch wasn’t done there as he zoomed past Matthew Rotherham to take the line and a superb victory.

But in true Team Nater style, there was just enough time for a bit of pre-race magic too, though somebody might want to get him a new jersey…

3 – Blink and you’ll miss him

The Six Day London record time for a 200m TT was falling like confetti, with Eddie Dawkins the man at the heart of the need for speed.

But nothing was quite like his effort on day four, stopping the clock in a time of 10.136 seconds to truly announce himself on debut at the event.

There was even a little of time to give a salute to the crowd too – all in a day’s work for our New Zealand speed demon.

4 – Lightning Levy on the march

At Six Day London, there’s nothing we like more than a photo finish.

But even we had to doff our caps to Max Levy on day four, with a keirin performance out of the top drawer.

Nosing ahead with a lap to go, that lead simply grew and grew heading to the finish line as first one, then two hands came off the bike to celebrate his thoroughly-dominant display.

5 – Rotherham rocks the crowd with stunning fightback

From the biggest margin of victory to the smallest in the keirin, and you’ll have to watch this one over and over to work out just how Matt Rotherham pulled this one off.

Sitting in third place with barely 100 metres to go, it seemed like the home favourite would have to settle for a middle spot.

But from nowhere Rotherham found a tiny pocket of space, narrowly edging Levy to the line to send the British support into raptures.

6 – Dawkins and Mitchell drink it all in

You didn’t think we’d have a six of the best without our pint-guzzling duo, did you?!

Taking bikes, beers and beats to a whole new level, Dawkins and Ethan Mitchell enjoyed a sip or two as they prepared to face off for the final Kiwi Cup dual of the week.

Close teammates and even closer friends, these two put all that to one side as the final victor was to be decided, with Dawkins the man in the hotseat when sitting on the wheel of his opponent.

And with one final push, Dawkins just about touched the line first in a classic photo-finish, leaving the pair to celebrate an exhilarating six days of sprint racing.

For full results and standings see our results page

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