Crowd favourites Lasse Norman Hansen and Michael Morkov capped a near-perfect week at Six Day Copenhagen by taking home the title on a frantic final night of action at the Ballerup Super Arena.

The destiny of the trophy was up in the air until the final race, with Norman Hansen and Morkov duking it out with Belgium’s Kenny de Ketele and Moreno de Pauw for supremacy.

But in the end it was the Danes who came out on top, winning the final race and taking the title with it.


The final standings showed Norman Hansen and Morkov on zero laps, with de Ketele and de Pauw - winners of Six Day London and Amsterdam - their nearest rivals also on zero laps, but 109 points behind the winners’ giant total of 329.

And Six Day Berlin winners Yoeri Havik and Wim Stroetinga continued their fine form with third place, one lap and 162 points behind the consistently brilliant Danes.

The night began with Norman Hansen and Morkov leading de Ketele and de Pauw, but with the Belgians needing just 31 points to level things up with the Danes on laps.

Hansen and Morkov 600x376

And do that they did, thanks in part to taking two wins in the night’s opening six sprints, with Marc Hester and Jesper Morkov taking another two wins, while Norman Hansen and Morkov took one for themselves and Casper Folsach and Frederik Rodenberg also got in on the act.

The Belgians earned 11 points from their sprint performances, and reached the magic 200 - to get the lap back - when they won the night’s first Madison.

With the leading five pairs each taking a lap in the 30-minute race, it came down to the final sprint and de Pauw beat Norman Hansen to the line, taking the full 20 points.

Maximilian Beyer then took Longest Lap victory ahead of Frederik Schwarz, before Norman Hansen and Morkov took 20 points for themselves with a win in the night's first elimination race.


Folsach and Rodenberg then had their inevitable 500m Madison time trial victory confirmed, with the final two teams failing to beat the 25.917s mark set by the Danes on Day 1, meaning they took the overall win in the discipline.

And another win came their way in the night’s big Derny final, with the Folsach and Rodenberg beating de Ketele and de Pauw into second place, with Norman Hansen and Morkov in third while Havik and Stroetinga came home fourth.

The young Danes got their final victory of a stellar race-winning week in the flying lap, setting a time of 12.617s that Alex Rasmussen and Casper Pedersen got closest too - but were still 0.312s behind.

But Rasmussen and Pedersen finally got the win the retiring Rasmussen so dearly craved, taking the penultimate ten-lap giant sprint, much to the pleasure of the cheering home crowd.

Going into the final hour-long Madison both Norman Hansen and Morkov, and de Ketele and de Pauw, were tied on zero laps but the Danes had a huge 95 point lead over their Belgian rivals.

It meant the equation was quite simple, should de Ketele and de Pauw need take a lap on the Danes in the Madison, they would win.

But fail to do so and the crowd favourites would ride off with the 55th Six Day Copenhagen prize.

And that was just what happened, in a ding-dong battle each of the top three teams managed to take three laps on the rest of the field, with the Danes winning the dash to the line to take the race, and the overall win.

Stroetinga beat de Pauw into second, but it was the Belgians who finished second on the final leaderboard, with the Dutchmen settling for third spot on the podium.