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Cycle to Work Day: Katie’s top tips

09 September 2017

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Here at Six Day, it’s no secret that we have a lot of love for bikes – both on and off the track.

So, when it comes to thinking about this Wednesday’s Cycle to Work Day, we might be just a little bit biased at why it is such a good idea.

But instead of listening to us, we’ve enlisted the help of Six Day London champion Katie Archibald, with her six tips to make Cycle to Work Day the best it can possibly be!

Katie’s top tip #1: Plan your route before your leave

It might sound easy just going from A to B, but is the way you drive to work going to be the best for the bike?

Switching from four wheels to two could allow you some great shortcuts, and might even get you to work – and most importantly, home – that little bit quicker!


You might also get the chance to see some beautiful parks, countryside or rivers on your route – but you won’t know until you try!

Katie’s top tip #2: Get some good front and rear lights if you’re cycling at night

Whether on the track or on the road, safety is paramount when you’re on your bike.

With the winter drawing ever nearer, darkness will fall sooner and sooner so make sure you don’t get caught short by getting some sturdy lights for the front and rear of the bike.

As if that wasn’t enough, lights will also allow everyone to see you taking to two wheels!

Katie’s top tip #3Remember to pump your tyres up – your life will be so much easier

There’s no walk of shame quite like having to wheel your bike down the road with a puncture – so make sure you’re prepared!

Before each ride, it’s always worth checking that your bike is in tip-top shape, particularly if your route to and from work goes over different surfaces.

That way you can make sure your tyres are prepared for when it matters most.

Katie’s top tip #4Why not meet up with a colleague on the way and get some chat in

Just like anything, cycling is so much more fun when you do it with someone else.

So why not find a colleague who can join you in the morning commute to give yourself some company on two wheels?

Not only will you get some good chat in, but those menacing hills will also feel a whole lot easier and the miles will fly by!

Katie’s top tip #5: Get panniers so you don’t get a sweaty back from your backpack

It’s fair to say we speak for everyone when we say the last thing we want is a sweaty person in the office…

A shower or change of clothes might not be an option, but you can invest in a pannier to stop yourself getting a sweaty back from your rucksack.

That way it will be a pleasant experience for everyone involved – and won’t make you feel rough before you’ve even started your day!

Katie’s top tip #6: Enjoy it, you’re beating all the cars!

The most important thing to remember is that you’re on your bike because you want to be!

While there will be numerous benefits to getting out there, none will be as high as the smile on your face and the satisfaction of knowing you’re getting a brilliant workout before you’ve even started.

So what are you waiting for, get involved with Cycle to Work Day – and then make it a habit all-year round!


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