A Six Day race is an elite track cycling competition featuring some of the world’s best professional riders. Six Day events also offer a unique, party like atmosphere, providing great music and entertainment as a backdrop to the drama on the track.

The Competition

  • Teams of two riders fight tooth and nail over six consecutive evenings.
  • Each evening, there are multiple races across a variety of sprint and endurance disciplines.
  • In some disciplines it is possible for teams to lap the field. This is known as ‘taking a lap’. Taking laps lifts a team up the overall standings.
  • As well as trying to take laps, teams also race to accumulate points in each discipline. These are vital to establish the overall lead, known as the ‘general classification’.
  • The team that has taken the most laps on the rest of the field will lead the general classification, but should teams find themselves on the same number of laps then the number of points will decide who wins.